Our CEO Jeff Worn presented our vision, mission and values.

Over the last two days our CEO Jeff Worn presented our vision, mission and values statement that guides our work and culture. We could not be more proud of our team and what they do daily to create the best quality pecans for the greatest value to our farmers and customers.

CEO Jeff Worn presents company values to employees in Valdosta, GA.


Jeff reviewed each point of our work values ​​with all employees at both production plants in Valdosta, GA and El Paso, TX.

He also expressed his gratitude and excitement for this new stage in the South Georgia Pecan story.

CEO Jeff Worn presents company values to employees in El Paso, TX.


SGP Vision:

  • Is to be the tree nut handler of choice by our customers and Team Members.

SGP Mission:

  • Is to achieve our vision by exceeding our customers’ expectations through continuous improvement by empowered teams.

SGP Principles that guide our WORK:

  1. We satisfy our customers’ needs with everything we do.
  2. We produce SAFE QUALITY FOOD with everything we do.
  3. We recognize our suppliers as partners in our success.
  4. We continuously improve our products, processes, and services through honest continuity across sales, operations and accounting.  
  5. We investigate and react quickly to problem situations.
  6. We analyze problems down to the root cause to achieve permanent solutions.
  7. We use facts and data to analyze and solve problems.
  8. We hold cleanliness, orderliness, and arrangement at the foundations of control and improvement to produce safe food.
  9. We do work on time and in time.
  10. We maintain our competitive edge by our “no safety net” mentality.

SGP Principles that guide our CULTURE:

  1. We treat one another with dignity, trust, and respect.
  2. We are all part of the same team.
  3. We maintain open and honest communications, describing the true facts.
  4. We demand participation to maximize ownership of decisions.
  5. We listen while others are speaking.
  6. We make factual data our common language, minimizing opinions.
  7. We pursue our goals with a healthy sense of urgency.
  8. We recognize and celebrate improvements.
  9. We acknowledge both creativity and control as essential parts of our operation.
  10. We recognize that the South Georgia Pecan family members, shareholders, and our community are partners in our success.