1# Chocolate Amaretto Pecans

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1lb bag of Chocolate Amaretto Pecans. This perfect combination of Pecans coated with Chocolate Amaretto will leave your mouth wanting more!

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11 reviews for 1# Chocolate Amaretto Pecans

  1. jeanmarie

    I made some cookies with the ameratto pecans and everyone loved them …so buying more for christmas cookies

  2. Ed Jezisek (verified owner)

    Everyone we know loves these. We keep coming back for more and more!

  3. Monique Poteet

    Oh my gosh – we were given a bag of these as a gift and I thought “oh, chocolate pecans, that’s nice” but when I ate one, I realized this was not just an ordinary chocolate pecan. The amaretto makes them AMAZING!

  4. Nancy Latimer

    These are amazing. We bought some from a neighbor boy raising money for his school. They knocked our socks off!

  5. Christi (verified owner)

    These are the best! I treat my colleagues with a bag of their own at Christmas. They look forward to it every year.

  6. Sue Underwood (ME) (verified owner)

    Best kind of pecans! Chocolate Amaretto!! The best Ever!!

  7. Jen (verified owner)

    Amazing and slightly addictive. I have to admit I keep a bag hidden from the family. I slowly enjoy them as my family devours their own bag!

  8. Ruth (verified owner)

    I received my first bag as a Christmas present. WOW…they were so good I ended up buying as gifts for my family in WNY plus one bag for me , of course. They loved them (me, too, again)! I received at coupon for a % off and now I’m hooked that much more. These chocolate amaretto pecans are absolutely awesome!

  9. Linda Aukerman (verified owner)

    These pecans are ridiculously delicious!!!!! Talk about addicting!!!!

  10. Teresa Ragsdale

    OMG!! I ordered these from a coworker to help her daughter out as a fundraiser for their band. They are delicious and that is by far an understatement. I went back and ask her if they had any extras they wanted to sell and she got me any extra bag. I have literally ate both bags and not shared. They are addictive and by far the best chocolate covered nuts I have ever ate.

  11. whitapple1 (verified owner)

    My work recently brought me to south Georgia and i was given some of these by the man that contracted my crew. I cant stop eating them!!! Now I have my friends here in WA state expecting me to order some for them too.

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