Our Roots

South Georgia Pecan Company began in 1913 as a small shelling plant owned by the Pearlman family of Valdosta. In 1967, the company became a part of the Beatrice Food Group. With the breakup of Beatrice Foods in 1983, the current owners, the Worn family, purchased the company with a commitment to quality and service that has formed it into the industry leader that it is today. South Georgia Pecan Company is located in Valdosta, Georgia in the heart of Pecan Country. We are committed to producing safe, top quality pecan products for our customers and consumers. We have four plants located within a 1.5 mile radius which are designed and segregated for certain process in the production of pecan products, which include cleaning/grading Inshell pecans, a shelling plant, a finished processing/packaging plant, and a shell grinding facility.


Our Facilities

Located in beautiful Valdosta, Georgia

The in-shell pecan cleaning and grading plant of South Georgia Pecan Company processes in-shell pecans through a series of cleaning stages to remove farm level foreign material picked up during harvesting. Once cleaned, the in-shell pecans will be graded into predetermined size ranges for future processing. This plant is equipped ample cold storage, which includes a 27,000 square foot freezer used to store the in-shell pecans to maximize shelf-life and freshness of the nuts.

We procure pecans from the local community, our home state of Georgia (largest bearing acreage in the country), and all across the “Pecan Belt” which encompasses the lower half of the entire United States. There are many different varieties grown from state-to-state that vary in size, shape, and meat yield. The different varieties vary in price depending on two main characteristics; count per pound and meat yield, although the normal rules of supply and demand apply also. Dealing with the raw material can be challenging as there are many variables that can alter production. Percentage of moisture, nut- meat percentage, size and variety all impact the daily operations of sizing. The finished product is a container weighing approximately 2,000 lbs. ready for shelling. Our facility is capable of grading upwards of 400,000 lbs. a day of ready-to-shell product.

Our shelling plant is used to crack and shell in-shell pecans to extract the nutmeat hidden within the shell and the in-house Quality Control/Micro Laboratory is located on site as well. The shelling plant processes graded in-shell pecans through a conditioning and cracking process. Once cracked, the nutmeat is harvested and dried to lower the moisture content to meet specified levels. The pecans shells produced during the shelling process are sent to our shell grinding facility and the dried nutmeats are shipped to our finished processing plant.

The finished processing plant of South Georgia Pecan Company utilizes state of the art processing equipment to produce finished pecan products that meet the tightest specifications in the pecan industry. This plant uses electronic sorting machines, linear and stacked sizing equipment, cutting and slicing equipment, visual inspection tables, quality control inspection stations, and automated packaging lines to produce bulk and retail packaged pecan products. This plant is also equipped with segregated oil roasting and dry roasting lines, 50,000 sq. ft. freezer, and a Propylene Oxide Sterilization System.

South Georgia Pecan Company operates a state of the art in-house Quality Control/Microbiology Laboratory. Our lab is used to test all products produced each day for a series of pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms using certified and approved methods. Pathogen testing is conducted using PCR methods for analyzing samples, which is the most sensitive technology available because you are looking for the actual DNA of the microorganisms. Physical analysis testing methods are also utilized in our lab for testing moisture levels, halves counts, piece size ranges, etc. to ensure all of our products meet or exceed customer and in-house specifications.

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  • Select Midget Pieces
  • Select Small Pieces
  • Select Medium Pieces
  • Select Large Pieces
  • Select Extra Large Pieces
  • Select Topper Halves (~650 count)
  • Select Medium Halves (~550-650 count)
  •  Select Large Halves (~450-550 count)
  • Select Extra Large Halves (~350-450 count)
  • Select Jumbo Halves (~300-350 count)
  • Select Jr. Mammoth Halves (~250-300 count)
  • Select Mammoth Halves (~200-250 count)
  • Choice¹ Small Pieces
  • Choice¹ Medium Pieces
  • Choice¹ Large Pieces
  • Standard Seedling Halves
  • Standard Mammoth Halves
  • Standard Midget Pieces
  • Standard Small Pieces
  • Standard Medium Pieces
  • Standard Large Pieces
  • Pecan Meal
¹ – Good quality, but not the quality of Select
*** All of the above (except meal and midget pieces) can be furnished roasted and salted for ice cream for an additional 5 cents per pound.
– Packed in 5# cartons, 6 cartons per case, $.10 additional per pound
– Packed in 3# vacuum tins, 6 cans per case, $.50 additional per pound
– Packed in 8, 12 or 16 ounce bags, 24 per case, $.15 additional per pound

Our terms: Net 10 days to well-rated customers


  • Nonpareil Supreme – 25# case
  • Nonpareil Select Sheller Run – 25# case
  • Sliced Natural – 25# case
  • Sliced Blanched – 25# case
  • Slivered Blanched – 25# case
  • Diced Medium Natural – 25# case
  • Whole Blanched – 25# case
  • Chocolate Almonds – 25# case

English Walnuts

  • Light Halves and Pieces – 25# case
  • Light Medium Pieces – 30# case
  • Light Small Pieces – 30# case

Roasted and Salted Cashews

  • 240 (count per pound) – 25# case

Specialty Nuts

  • Deluxe Mixed nuts – 25# case
  • Cinnamon Spiced Pecans – 20# case
  • Honey Roasted Pecan Halves – 20# case
  • Praline Pecan Halves – 20# case
  • Chocolate Amaretto Pecan Halves – 25# case
  • Praline Pecan Pieces – 40# case
  • Honey Roasted  Peanuts – 25# case
  • Double Dipped Chocolate Peanuts – 25# case
  • Brazil Nuts – 25# case

Carton Specifications

  • 30# Bulk Carton
    • 19 5/8 x 13 x 8 1/4
    • 1.05 Cu. Ft.
    • 7 x 8 TI/HI
    • Net Wt.: 30 lbs.
    • Gross Wt: 32 lbs.
  •   24 – 8 oz. Cello
    • 15 1/8 x 12.5 x 6 1/4
    • 0.683 Cu. Ft.
    • 11 x 9 TI/HI
    • Net Wt.: 12 lbs.
    • Gross Wt: 14 lbs.
  • 24 – 16 oz. Cello
    • 14 1/4 x 12 x 11 1/2
    • 1.138 Cu. Ft.
    • 11 x 6 TI/HI
    • Net Wt.: 24 lbs.
    • Gross Wt: 27 lbs.
  • 6 – 5lb. Cartons
    • 22 1/2 x 15 x 8
    • 1.194 Cu. Ft.
    • 11 x 6 TI/HI
    • Net Wt.: 30 lbs.
    • Gross Wt: 36 lbs.
  • 6 – 3lb. Cartons
    • 18 3/4 x 12 3/8 x 7 1/4
    • 0.742 Cu. Ft.
    • 8 x 7 TI/HI
    • Net Wt.: 18 lbs.
    • Gross Wt: 24 lbs.