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South Georgia Pecan Company began in 1913 as a small shelling plant owned by the Pearlman family of Valdosta. In 1967, the company became a part of the Beatrice Food Group. With the breakup of Beatrice Foods in 1983, the current owners, Jim Worn and Ed Crane, purchased the company with a commitment to quality and service that has formed it into the industry leader that it is today. South Georgia Pecan Company is located in Valdosta, Georgia in the heart of Pecan Country. We are committed to producing safe, top quality pecan products for our customers and consumers. We have four plants located within a 1.5 mile radius which are designed and segregated for certain process in the production of pecan products, which include cleaning/grading Inshell pecans, a shelling plant, a finished processing/packaging plant, and a shell grinding facility.

Satisfaction Guarantee

South Georgia Pecan is committed to complete Customer Satisfaction! If you have received a product or service that has not met your expectations, please contact us at 1-800-732-2646 or 1-800-627-6630. You may also email us at customerservice@georgiapecan.com. We appreciate your business!


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